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As the European leader in vehicle maintenance and equipment, with over 2,070 workshops and automotive stores across its networks (Norauto, A.T.U, Midas and Carter-Cash), Mobivia has firmly established itself as a pioneer and benchmark in the field of new mobility now and in the future.

  • Our strategy

    In an automotive sector that is undergoing significant change, facing challenges regarding the environment and society, Mobivia and its brands are striving every day to provide a comprehensive solution to the changing needs of their customers and make sustainable mobility more accessible.

  • International development

    As a multi-national corporation present in 20 countries, Mobivia has achieved the balanced growth of its operations in the world in a steady yet ambitious way.

  • Who are we?

    Mobivia represents and manages 9 brands and 24 startups whose goal is to offer useful, innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for every single user and their transport and travel needs.