CarStudio accelerates on used spare parts with

21 June 2019

CarStudio, which finds innovative solutions for Norauto, A.T.U, Midas and Carter-Cash, invests in the specialized marketplace to meet the emerging need for reusable spare parts.
+11,8%. This is the inflation observed between 2015 and 2018 on new car parts according to the professional body SRA. Convinced that the second-hand market is a complementary solution to offer a quality interview adapted to all budgets and limit waste, CarStudio takes a minority stake in the French start-up, a market place specialising in Parts from the Circular Economy (PIEC).
Proposing them is mandatory for the 13,000 or so French garages according to an order published on April 1, 2017 and provided for in the Energy Transition Act of 2015. For any car maintenance or repair service, the customer must be informed of “his right to opt for PIECs”, parts of a quality equal to that of new and with guaranteed safety. Since April 1, 2019, a new decree has set out the procedures for informing customers about the prices and conditions of sale of these parts from the circular economy.
A unique response in a dynamic market
CarStudio has chosen to support to provide a quick solution to this new constraint for professionals in the sector. The accelerator of innovative solutions for core-business brands (Norauto, A.T.U, Midas, Carter-Cash, etc.) of Mobivia, Europe’s leading automotive maintenance group, was seduced by the comprehensive and concrete offer offered by the young company: “In we saw the opportunity to offer both the general public and automotive maintenance and repair professionals reliable and affordable spare parts”, explains Florence Sanson, CEO of CarStudio. offers a one-stop shop for the purchase of car, used and reconditioned parts via a standardised service, including a guarantee and an optimised customer experience. The company relies on trust with strict specifications to be respected in the selection of merchants and parts sold. On the price side, it promises an offer up to 70% cheaper than new. His clients? Individuals as well as professionals, for whom to obtain their supplies directly from the 1,700 or so casses scattered throughout France is a real headache. “We are delighted to be able to work with the experts at CarStudio and Mobivia to build the most efficient BtoB offer possible and help garages make the transition to reuse,” says Stéphane Brault-Scailet, CEO and co-founder of
With CarStudio, the marketplace is giving itself every opportunity to conquer this booming market: in 2022, the online BtoC market share of automotive spare parts will reach 20%, with estimated growth of 10-15% per year in the American market and Western Europe according to the American firm Frost & Sullivan. In Europe, the potential is estimated at 150 billion euros.