Created in 2010, Altermove brings together a broad range of solutions and innovative products dedicated to urban travel that are alternative or complementary to the traditional car: bicycles and electrically assisted bicycles, fuel-powered and electric mopeds, accessories and components, mobility diagnostics, but also a multi-brand repair workshop



  • The choice: over 15,000 article references of accessories, two-wheelers (traditional bicycles, electrically-assisted bicycles, electric mopeds), tricycles, etc.
  • Accessibility: a vast range of products at the best prices on the market, available everywhere at all times thanks to digitalised stores and
  • Personalised advice to private individuals, businesses and local authorities to optimise their travels (mobility diagnostics, business travel plan/local authority travel plan, etc.)
  • The services: test, financing solutions, insurance policies, servicing contracts, extended warranties, etc.
  • After-sales: the maintenance and repair of two-wheelers of all brands.



  • 14 stores dealing with urban travel
  • Over 15,000 article references instore and in the online store: All types of bicycles, electrically-assisted bicycles, electric mopeds and 50/125cc fuel-powered mopeds, tricycles, accessories for two-wheelers, etc.