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Xee welcomes news partners through a fundraising, raising €12M from Bridgestone EMEA, Total and Cofip

28 April 2017

Xee has just raised raises over €12M to accelerate its growth.

This fundraising from Bridgestone EMEA, Total and Cofip marks a new milestone in Xee’s growth which goes hand-in-hand with:

  • an acceleration of its commercial development and the marketing of its European roll-out which began in 2016. While big players such as Midas, Indigo and Axa have already integrated connected car to their business model with Xee’s solutions, the startup is going to shore up its position in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Belgium and conquer new strategic European markets – i.e., Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


  • a strategy of innovation boosted by R&D (Research & Development) synergies that allow Xee to maintain its technological advantage in connected cars; to structure rich data from connected cars and to benefit from the artificial intelligence which is managing these cars.


  • the opening up of its platform to global industrial players (automotive, aftermarket, insurance, etc.) interested in rolling-out mobility services for their clients, establishing themselves as neutral trustworthy third parties and aggregators of services for drivers of all vehicle types.

Xee,  created in 2012 by Mobivia based on an intrapreneurial initiative and accelerated by Via ID is the services platform for connected cars, enabling companies to:

  • roll out next-generation services for motorists, regardless of the model of their vehicle through pay as you drive, pay how you drive, geolocalisation, security and alert, integration with SmartCity/SmartHome, etc.;
  • manage their vehicle fleet more easily from the first vehicle onwards, thanks to an approach that is connected in real-time using geo-localisation, steering, analysis, etc.

Read the full press release here.