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Used tyre stockpiles

14 March 2011


Recyvalor: its 18th redevelopment to finish off the year 2010!

Used tyre stockpiles

Recyvalor: its 18th redevelopment to finish off the year 2010! Following the year 2009 during which over 8,200 metric tons of tyres were removed and redeveloped, Recyvalor’s activities for the year 2010 were even more impressive.

The association displaced and redeveloped over 9,500 metric tons of tyres from 9 sites, that is, the equivalent of 1,380,722 standard touring tyres!

In particular, the year 2010 was marked by the redevelopment of the Sury le Comtal site, one of the largest sites that the association has had to deal with since its foundation in 2008.

5 sensitive sites in terms of their health and environmental hazards have already been identified by RECYVALOR to be handled as a priority in 2011 in association with the Sustainable Development Ministry and the Robin des Bois (Robin Hood) association.

Since its foundation in February 2008, Recyvalor has funded the removal and redevelopment of used tyres from 18 sites in France, to the tune of almost 2 million Euros.