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Sustainable Development Week: Mobivia Groupe and the circular economy

30 March 2014

The Mobivia Groupe, specialists in car maintenance and repairs, is working on controlling and reducing the environmental impact of its activities. As part of its continuous development approach, Norauto France, the leading auto centre brand, has been developing an environmental management system since 1995, creating 18 waste product recycling programmes, prior to the introduction of any actual regulations.

Now, all the Mobivia Groupe brands (Norauto, Midas etc.) are taking steps on a daily basis to reduce their consumption of raw materials, CO2 emissions or pollutants and to take into account environmental concerns, even going so far as to introduce an eco-socio-design approach for certain products. Read full details of the Mobivia Groupe’s sustainable development approach in the CSR report

The life cycle of the tyre fully under control at the Mobivia Groupe

Producing tyres is a key part of the Mobivia Groupe’s activities, both through retailers and its own brands. The group has thus chosen to face up to its obligations by creating an individual system and selecting its own partners, rather than joining a collective body.
The group therefore controls the end of the life cycle of all its tyres, by working directly with collectors and recyclers, including Roll-Gom, which has been cooperating with the group indirectly for a long time.

Going beyond simple recycling: making waste a raw material

Mobivia Groupe, as part of its value creation approach, is constantly seeking the recycling solutions with the greatest added value, particularly in order to preserve our natural resources.
Currently, the main uses for recycled tyres are as materials (moulded items, synthetic or shock-absorbing surfaces etc.), in public works (as a drainage layer) or as an energy source in cement works. Roll-Gom, the waste conversion partner of the Mobivia Groupe, thus provides the raw material for innovative products (moulded objects for personal safety) developed by Ecolog Innovation; this cycle is fully in line with the principle of the circular economy. Since these two companies are located in the Nord-Pas de Calais Region, close to our historical head office, the energy and CO2 cost is thus optimised (a reasoning applied whenever possible).

Valorisation des pneus usagés -Mobivia Groupe

An everyday commitment: the guarantee that 100% of the tyres processed in our centres are recycled

Thanks to integrated environmental management (90% of Norauto centres are ISO 14001 certified), the Mobivia Groupe guides the performances of its centres on a daily basis with regard to a range of indicators (100% collection rate, improved filling process for storage containers and better quality waste deposits to prevent external looting). Lastly, we ensure proper collection and recycling through complete traceability of our service providers.