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The foundations of our sustainable performance

In 2008, Mobivia put together a Sustainable Development Charter that provides guidelines for all of its operations and investments throughout the world. This charter was built on our existing foundational principles.



    Sustainable performance. We have put sustainable growth criteria at the heart of our business strategy decision-making and how we measure performance.
    Circular economy. We promote a circular economy based on the development of the lifecycle of our products (18 recycling channels for used products).
    Responsible purchases. We give preference to suppliers and partners that comply with our commitments to respect people and the environment.
    Innovation. We are increasing R&D investment in products and services that promote responsible and sustainable mobility.


    Customer satisfaction. We have left no stone unturned in order to satisfy our customers with the service that we provide and the products that we produce and market.
    Range of responsible products & services. In each one of our families of products and services we offer our customers a high level of value for the environment and/or for society (road safety, accessibility, etc.)
    Information and awareness building. We provide information on the environmental aspects of the products and services that we offer. We build awareness about the challenges of sustainable and responsible mobility. We play a part in promoting eco-responsible driving.


    Participative management. Mobivia encourage entrepreneurship, profit-sharing and employee shareholding.
    Employability and responsibility. We develop the employability of our staff, empowering them to work independently and take on responsibilities.
    Equality & diversity. We guarantee that people are treated fairly in terms of access to employment, integration, training and career prospects (diversity, gender equality, fairness).
    Health and safety. We reduce the risks associated with health dangers and working conditions. We monitor the safety of our employees, at work as well as on the road.
    Industrial relations. We are developing new ways of dealing with social issues and encouraging responsible industrial relations.


    Compliance with regulations. Mobivia comply with local, national and international regulations.
    Waste.We recycle the waste produced by our business activities.
    Reduction of the environmental impacts
    . We are reducing the impact of our business activities on the environment by optimising the use of resources and the reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
    Awareness building & training. We build employee awareness and provide training in respect for the environment. We are expanding the scope covered by our environmental certifications.


    Partnership and sponsorship. We put together programmes that are highly beneficial for society and/or the environment that are organised internally or in partnership, with a local, national or international scope.
    Information & dialogue with stakeholders. We build good relations with all of our partners: shareholders, employees, franchisees, suppliers, associations, customers and public authorities. We regularly report our results and the progress made in sustainable development matters