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Signature of ‘Les Elles de l’Auto’ charter by Norauto France and Midas

26 November 2012

Last Friday 12 October, as part of the Paris Motor Show, Norauto France and Midas signed the ‘Les Elles de l’Auto’ (women of the motor vehicle sector) charter to assert their commitment to increasing the number of women in their teams.

midas_france_et_norauto_charte_elles_de_lautoSince 2008, ‘Les Elles de l’Auto’ association has been promoting diversity in the motor vehicle sector. One of the initiatives of the association, sponsored by Mobivia Groupe, is the signature of an HR charter that encourages the recruitment of women in automotive businesses and organisations.
This year, 9 major names in the sector took part in the signing of the 2nd version of the ‘Les Elles de l’Auto’ charter.

Like their predecessors,
the new signatories agree to:

  • Assert their aim to increase the proportion of women in their teams and encourage their entire management organisation to move in this direction
  • Explain and promote the expected benefits of sex equality in their businesses
  • Systematically seek women candidates for each recruitment process
  • Set a goal for the right proportion of women for each job type
  • Monitor the proportion of women in the teams
  • Ensure that the commitments made are properly implemented in the organisation

This event clearly reflects the will within Norauto and Midas to promote the role of women in the jobs of the motor vehicle sector and acts as a reminder for both companies that male and female equality is an everyday priority.

With the changes affecting the motor vehicle sector and the increasing proportion of women customers, the composition of teams and the way in which we tackle issues of diversity within Norauto and Midas must reflect the values in terms of motivation, complementarity and expertise that our brands stand for.