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Public health: Midas reveals the results of its study on pollution inside vehicles

10 September 2013

To complement existing studies on pollution in outside environments, Midas entrusted Doctor Squinazi, laboratory physician and former director of the Paris Hygiene Laboratory, with a study on the quality of the cabin environment in cars.
The Midas solution to ensure comfort and wellbeing for all motorists and their passengers:
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At the end of the holiday period, traffic is again beginning to increase. Dense traffic is often a source of discomfort, particularly for the most sensitive people. In response to the two million motorists who come to its centres every year, Midas wanted to find out more about pollution inside car cabins and its impact on health.
Between October and December 2012, an air sample was taken from approximately 100 vehicles, driving mainly in towns and on motorways (various makes of car). The samples were then analysed by the Paris Hygiene Laboratory.


For more information:
Download the Midas Health press release