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Norauto’s Automalins training courses: free training to get to know your car better

6 May 2014

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For several years now, Norauto France has been developing “Automalins” training courses to provide clients with advice on how to better maintain their cars and improve motor vehicle safety. During these workshops, Norauto’s experts provide drivers with a free introduction on the basic checks to perform and parts to monitor in their vehicle so that they can feel confident on the road. Drivers learn to monitor fluid levels, to understand warning lights and to know what to do in the event of a flat tyre. These workshops also help participants manage their car maintenance and repair budget better since they help people understand how their car works.

A 90-minute free introduction to your car by a Norauto expert so you can feel confident on the road


expert Norauto_stage automalin

This Norauto programme demonstrates how the company wishes to reposition its services to provide overall quality and real added value. Here, teaching customers through discussions and responses with an expert means that drivers can start taking an active role in maintaining their vehicle.

The last training session for this season will be on Saturday 17 May, taking place in 243 centres throughout France. There are two informal interactive workshops scheduled:

– 45 minutes of advice and demonstrations on how to carry out basic checks (fluid levels) as well as how to monitor parts (windscreen wipers, battery charge, lights, etc.) and tyres (pressure, wear and grip)

– 45 minutes of learning how to clean and maintain your vehicle’s interior and exterior: cleaning the body and wheel trims effectively, making scratches less visible, making the paint shine and recovering a healthy, perfectly clean cabin.

Over 1,500 drivers have already learned how to carry out the basic checks on their vehicle

– To take part in a workshop, you can register right here: register for an Automalins training course

– If you cannot get to one of the 243 Norauto centres offering this course, bring the Automalins training to you by chatting live with a Norauto expert on Facebook on Saturday 17 May from 10:30 a.m. until noon. The expert will answer all your questions on basic car maintenance. Visit the Norauto Facebook page!

– You can also sign up at any of the 243 participating Norauto centres until 16 May 2014.