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Norauto and Oxyo-pneus. fr are merging their ecommerce business

26 March 2015

Norauto and Oxyo-pneus.fr are joining forces, henceforth operating as Norauto.

Mobivia Groupe wishes to accelerate our online sales strategy by consolidating our assets. Relying on a strong brand as well as on the agility, methods and web experience of Oxyopneus.fr, the group aims to attain new positions in a stronggrowth market.

Mobivia Groupe’s web business continue with Bythjul.com, acquired in July 2014. Bythjul.com is a longstanding online tyre seller, ranking second in Scandinavian markets(Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark) which shows considerable potential for development.

To get further, please jcheck out the press release