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Accompanying mobility in the widest sense

In an automotive sector that is undergoing significant change, facing challenges regarding the environment and society, Mobivia and its brands are striving every day to provide a comprehensive solution to the changing needs of their customers and make sustainable mobility more accessible.

  1. Contribute to making the existing car fleet cleaner

    While the automotive sector forms a key element of daily life (80% of the French population need a car to get to work) and in a climate where purchasing power is constrained and the priority of Europeans is on maintaining their current vehicles (drop in new vehicles purchases, ageing car fleet), we are committed to making car maintenance and repairs affordable while conserving the manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, we develop eco-maintenance solutions and commitments for reducing the environmental impact of the automotive sector and its use.

  2. Innovate in order to offer new forms of mobility

    Car-sharing between private individuals and in businesses, electric vehicles and connected cars are just some of the initiatives supported by Via-ID, our business development fund dedicated to new forms of mobility.
    Find out more about Via-ID

  3. Accompanying the development of the vehicle fleet

    We devote our energy to distributing the vehicles of the future and making them increasingly accessible throughout society. For example, we provide the customers of some of our brands with electric and hybrid courtesy cars while also developing maintenance services associated with hybrid and electric technologies. What’s more, we are expanding the offer of two-wheelers (bicycles and electric scooters) within our existing brands and throughout our new business activities.
    Find out more about Green On, Altermove & La Bicyclette Electrique.