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Mobivia Groupe, the SNCF and the Ateliers de la Terre published the results of their survey on sustainable mobility.

3 October 2011

During Sustainable Development Week, Mobivia Groupe, the SNCF and the Ateliers de la Terre published the results of their annual survey of French opinion on sustainable mobility.

According to this survey carried out by Harris Interactive, the main lessons to be learned are as follows :

• personal vehicles are still the best solution to growing mobility needs

• The French are particularly concerned about the environmental impact of their cars

• At the same time, opinions regarding alternative transport modes are changing Even if a slim majority of those surveyed predict that they will continue to use a personal vehicle for their future transport needs rather than a shared vehicle, the growing mobility needs of the French come with a heightened awareness about the environmental impacts of transportation.

Consequently, the use of electric or hybrid vehicles, public transport and driving eco-maintained and eco-driven vehicles are considered by those questioned to be the solutions that are most likely to meet requirements in terms of cost and respect for the environment.

As for alternative transport solutions to the needs of everyday life, other than the standard answers such as cycling or public transport, the French also mention carpooling and car-sharing.

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