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Mobivia Groupe joins the Comité 21 and signs the guiding principles for constructive dialogue with Stakeholders

5 February 2015

On 13 January 2015, the Mobivia Groupe was invited to join the Comité 21, the foremost French sustainable development network, along with 42 organisations – businesses, representatives of key stakeholders (NGOs, associations, networks etc.) and consultancy firms – and signed the guiding principles for constructive dialogue with stakeholders. The Group thus demonstrated its commitment to promoting a dialogue-oriented approach in fulfilling its corporate responsibilities.

The text identifies the 7 Principles to adhere to, in order to ensure constructive and productive dialogue and build more confidence between all of the stakeholders involved in these approaches.
This guiding principles initiative is part of a larger project implemented by Comité 21, the goal of which is to supervise voluntary dialogue-oriented approaches between companies and stakeholders.

Since 2008, Mobivia Groupe has maintained regular dialogue with its stakeholders. Once a year, the Group invites the stakeholders affected by its activities to come and question it regarding its strategy and the challenges of sustainable mobility. A new theme is submitted to the panel every year, in order to discover their vision and stimulate debate regarding ongoing projects.