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THE Midas Service is back on TV!

1 July 2013

Midas reinforces its position as an alternative to car manufacturers with two humorous advertisements.

Midas, the brand for car maintenance and repair is back on television with two new humorous advertisements. These two films, portraying a sort of anti-hero who interferes in the lives of motorists and tries to persuade them to take their car in for a service “where they bought it”, reinforces the brand’s position as a real alternative to car manufacturers.

The films, entitled ‘The Birthday’ and ‘The Holidays’, illustrate the confidence of Midas customers and show that the Midas brand is a true partner for the motorist, eithervia The Midas Service or for the overall maintenance of their vehicle.

 The advertisements, each lasting 30 seconds, are the creations of the Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett agency. Broadcast from 24 June to 12 July on terrestrial and ATV channels