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Manufacturers’ monopoly: MobiviaGroupe upholds the demands of the “Libèremon auto” movement

2 August 2013

MobiviaGroupe supports “Libèremon auto”, a collective composed of associations and professional automobile federations that have gathered together with UFC-QueChoisir to denounce the closed market of car body parts by manufacturers in France.
For the various players that make up “Libèremon auto” (ANEA, FEDA, FNAA, FFC and UFC-QueChoisir)*, the manufacturers’ monopoly in the market of car body parts has lasted long enough.

The collective has shown that between 2005 and 2011, the manufacturers’ price for these parts had increased on average by 30.5%; these excessive and unjustified rates cut severely into consumer purchasing power that is already in decline.
So “Libèremon auto” cannot understand why France is an exceptional case in the European Union, since many countries such as Germany, Spain and Belgium have adopted legislation in favour of liberalisation.

These countries, which have opened up the market of car body parts to competition, display average prices that are 30 to 40% lower than those currently practised by French manufacturers, which is attractive to French people living close to the borders and reinforces the incomprehension of consumer organisations such as UFC-QueChoisir.
The legal battle therefore continues between the “Libèremon auto” movement which would like to see a more liberal market for greater openness, and the car manufacturers for whom the monopoly provides profitable business opportunities.
The Council of State takes a first step towards a liberal market

MobiviaGroupe (historically positioned in car maintenance and repair services) congratulates and supports the members of the “Libèremon auto” collective, who defended the interests of a large majority of the motor vehicle sector and consumers at the Council of State.
On 17 July 2013, the Council of State rejected the annulment action filed by the car manufacturers, which aimed to invalidate the recommendation of the ADLC (French Competition Authority) in favour of liberalisation in the car body parts market.
An initial victory for automotive professionals (excluding manufacturers) that may provide the French people with an alternative to the manufacturers’ products, at a lower price for the same quality, while creating jobs for components manufacturers through the development of production lines specifically dedicated to spare parts.
For more information, you can download the press release

*List of members in the “Libèremon auto” collective:
• ANEA: National alliance of automotive experts
• FEDA: Federation of trade unions in automotive distribution
• FNAA: National federation of automotive crafts
• FFC: French car body parts federation
• UFC-QueChoisir: Consumers’ federal union