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Become a Norauto franchisee

With the Norauto franchise, join forces with a network that is expanding very fast within a leading business group and develop a comprehensive set of skills for providing multibrand solutions to every motorist in terms of parts, maintenance, motoring comfort and safety.


The strength of the Norauto franchise and its very identity can be summed up in its very strong values in terms of customer relations and the demanding standards that are maintained at all times coupled with the all-inclusive car service that it provides. Becoming a Norauto franchisee means joining a dynamic network that is perfectly aligned with its market. It is also an opportunity to make your managerial goals and your dreams of independence a reality while opening up new avenues for your career.


Being a Norauto franchisee means


  • Giving the best of yourself
  • Creating your own business and taking advantage of the expertise of a successful brand
  • Joining a network that is continually expanding
  • Knowing how to work independently while enjoying working relations within the group and maintaining links with the network
  • Starting the day with a team meeting and an inspection of the centre, warmly welcoming your customers with a professional and customer-oriented attitude, placing orders, organising the workshop, managing various problems and finishing in the evening by closing the till and the centre
  • Being a franchisee also means taking advantage of the experience, reputation and expertise of Norauto
  • An entrepreneur at heart, you are your own boss… This is demanding in terms of financial and personal investment and requires a daily commitment to increasing your customer base, building loyalty and providing the service pledged.