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Become an employee

Taking the initiative to promote sustainable mobility is what we do. This mission is shouldered by the men and women of Mobivia Groupe and its brands on a daily basis through their enthusiasm for their work and their expertise.


Joining Mobivia Groupe means…

  • Joining profitable businesses that encourage professional mobility in France and abroad so that every employee can change job, profession or country
  • Having a fascinating job that involves interaction with customers and developing sophisticated skills in the various professions of the automotive sector and the world of mobility in its widest sense, as well as the internet
  • Joining teams with a real sense of customer service and a good knowledge of cutting-edge automotive technologies
  • Contributing to the change in use connected with motoring and creating the mobility solutions of tomorrow
  • Making the most of training programmes that facilitate the acquisition of new skills and expertise linked to the development of the mobility professions, thereby opening up career path opportunities for everyone


Do you have a career plan that involves the automotive sector and mobility in its widest sense?

If so, then check out all our recruitment opportunities, brand by brand in France and abroad: