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Izydrive, the road safety and mobility partner, offers events organisers drive-you-home solutions and awareness campaigns aimed at their audiences

16 May 2012

Four service options: drive-you-home service, chauffeur service, shuttle services and awareness campaigns before or after the event.
A service that covers most of France.
Already a partner to many events including the following: Printemps de Bourges-music festival, Festival Artefacts-music festival, Fête des Vignerons-winegrower festival, Festival de Colmar-classical music festival.

izydrive_prevention_securiteThe major events season has begun! Music festivals, wine and beer festivals and winegrowing tours are just some of the opportunities for organising and participating in large-scale events… To invite guests to a responsible event, have you thought about the safety of the participants on their journey home?
Izydrive, the road safety and mobility partner for every event, offers a comprehensive range of road safety prevention and drive-you-home services for visitors and customers, so they get back home safely.

Want to provide a civic-minded and responsible service at an event? Izydrive offers four service options:

  • Road safety: By setting up a breathalyser station, visitors have the option to test their blood alcohol content to make sure that they are in a position to return home by car. With the ‘party captain’ campaign, visitors to events are encouraged to choose a ‘designated driver’ who agrees not to drink any alcohol during the evening in order to drive the team back safely.
  • Drive-you-home service: In order to finish off an evening safely, guests and clients are driven home in their own vehicle by professional Izydrive chauffeurs. These drivers work in pairs, one accompanying driver and one driver in a relay-car, so that the pair can get back to the site of the event as quickly as possible.
  • Shuttle service (minibus): this is the ideal solution when guests are sleeping at a single location or very close to the event. This economical solution can be used to drive all your guests throughout the day and at the end of the evening, all at a low cost.
  • Chauffeur service: Professional chauffeurs at your service. For a personalised service, these chauffeurs will be responsible for the vehicle entrusted to them for a specific need (welcoming guests at the station or airport, performer/VIP car, elderly person, etc.)
  • The safety of events within a reasonable budget

    As a genuine partner of your event, Izydrive offers its range of services at very competitive prices. For Fred Wagner, General Manager of Izydrive, “Since 2005, Izydrivehas provided services at many events to increase awareness about road safety risks and drive participants home after company or festive events. We have now extended our services throughout the whole of France, and we are already looking to be present at over 80 events in 2012. ”

    Izydrive already partners many events!

    Festival de Colmar classical music festival, Printemps de Bourges music festival, Fête des Vignerons wine festival, Mettre en Scène drama festival, Fêtes du Pinot Noir wine festival, Fête du Houblon beer festival, Festival des Artefacts music festival… Many organisers from every region already work with Izydrive to ensure the smooth running of their events.