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“The rightful place of cars in future mobility”: a guide to constructing a new model for mobility

29 September 2014

To contribute to the general reflection on future mobility, France Nature Environnement, the PSA Peugeot Citroën Foundation, Mobivia Groupe and Keolis have pooled their thoughts and proposals. The result is a complete guide that studies the changing faces of mobility and compiles a table of recommendations in line with a mobility that is more sustainable, fairer and in accordance with urban development.


In order to define the rightful place of cars in future mobility, the four partners used their experience and complementary expertise, as well as the accounts of many players from the public and private sector, associations and specialists in issues that concern mobility and planning and development.

This guide goes back to the initial role of cars in modern society: the development of infrastructures and mobility requirements in the everyday lives of the French people, while also analysing the environmental, social, economic and health impacts of their use. Beyond these facts, the guide gives concrete solutions for building a new mobility model and backs these up with examples of local initiatives already being employed in favour of sustainable mobility.

For more information, discover the complete guide here:


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