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France, new regulations for the use of motorcycles

6 March 2011

Road Safety: a 7-hour training course is now compulsory in France for motorized two-wheeled vehicles.

Since January 1, 2011, a 7-hr training course is now compulsory in France for all those people with a B-category driving licence wishing to drive a 50 to 125 cm3 motorcycle or “3-wheeled scooter” over 50 cm3.

What you need to know:

? Users who have insured and used a light motorcycle for the last five years are not required to attend this course.

? Provided by an approved driving school or association, a course completion certificate is issued to the user at the end of the formation.

? In the event of a law enforcement check, the driver will present either the training certificate or “an information summary” provided by the insurance company, certifying the driving history of the user on motorized two-wheeled vehicles.

? A breach of this regulation is liable to a fine of 135 €.

In order to raise awareness among the general public, the DSCR is supporting this new regulation with an advertising campaign to be posted on the Internet and in the national press. Using an image that metaphorically brings together the idea of a motorcycle and a horse that needs to be tamed, this campaign aims to remind users of how important it is to learn how to master one’s “mount”. The brands of Mobivia Groupe will relay this campaign in order to raise awareness among their user-customers.

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