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Environmental labelling of tyres: a formality, thanks to Oxyo-Pneus.fr

3 September 2012

In 2009, the European Parliament adopted a new regulation: from 1 November 2012, all tyres manufactured after 1 July of the same year must imperatively have a label mentioning certain qualitative information to help consumers select the most suitable tyre when making a purchase. The government’s objective is twofold: for consumers, to provide them with the best possible information so they can choose more easily;for manufacturers, to encourage them to optimise the rolling resistance of tyres and improve grip on wet surfaces. In particular, this will reduce the fuel consumption of vehicles and therefore reduce pollution.

Oxyo-pneus.fr, the specialist in selling tyres online, provides the key elements of this new labelling system to make the purchasing choices of its customers a little easier

“Like household electrical goods, tyres produced from July 2012 for private vehicles and light utility vehicles, among other vehicle types, will now have a standardised environmental label. This will provide three pieces of information – the rolling resistance of the tyre – the grip on wet surfaces – the external noise level of the tyre,” explains Jean-Michel Fabre, General Manager of Oxyo-pneus.fr, adding:
“It is never easy to decipher the multitude of information shown on a label. Although the image used for the tyres is subliminally reminiscent of that used for household electrical goods such as dishwashers, refrigerators, etc., it is still a new creation.Because making life easier for Oxyo-pneus.fr users is part of the company’s genetic make-up, we have been providing clear and concise information on our website regarding the new labelling system since 1 November.”

Thanks to this new initiative, Oxyo-pneus.fr is providing its users with the following benefits:

  • A more legible and understandable version of the new labelling system,
  • Objective information regarding the features and performance of the tyres,
  • An easier and quicker choice according to the consumer’s interests (ecology, economy, etc.)
  • • While also providing high-quality products at the best prices available on the market

“Manufacturers have taken on board the expectations of consumers who need, above all, to be reassured about the quality of the products they are purchasing, and have therefore provided them with an initial response by implementing this new “information display”. Similarly, manufacturers have understood the importance of these rules, which represent a real issue that needs to be addressed in order to improve tyres so that they can be even more effective,” points out Jean-Michel Fabre, General Manager of Oxyo-pneus.fr.

But other elements must be taken into consideration…

Although the labelling makes it easier to check the features of tyres, “manufacturers naturally do not restrict themselves to these parameters alone,” says Jean-Michel Fabre. Indeed, only three pieces of information concerning the performance of the tyre are included while some elements, which are of utmost importance in deciding on the correct purchase, are not communicated to consumers.Manufacturers carry out a broad range of tests on their tyres to comply with certain criteria that are equally important, whether it concerns the safety or the quality of the tyre. For example, the lack of a measure of tyre life in miles is a key element that is missing from this environmental label, because it shows the lifetime of the tyre, an element of information that is relatively important and sought-after by consumers.

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