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Eco Actions Trophies 2013: developing responsible authorities

18 July 2013

MobiviaGroupe, a partner of the Eco Actions Trophies 2013 organised by Eco Maires, supports the call for proposals launched by the Eco Maires (Eco Mayors) association to local and regional authorities, with the aim of rewarding their innovative and exemplary initiatives regarding sustainable development.

Local and regional authorities (municipalities, inter-municipal structures, French Departments and Regions, municipal youth councils) are invited to register for the 23rd edition of the Eco Actions Trophies up to Friday 18 October included, to defend before a panel of judges the eco-actions they have undertaken and finished successfully (excluding current and future projects).

trophees_eco_actions_2013_ecomairesAn eco-action is a concrete and responsible initiative that contributes to environmental protection while taking into account the economic and social chapters that are also included in defining sustainable development. This partnership takes place within the responsible and sustainable policy that MobiviaGroupe undertook several years ago, in order for regions and citizens to become more eco-mobile and in response to environmental and social issues highlighted by modern-day modes of travel.

The group and its brands, particularly Via-ID that coordinates the activities regarding new mobility solutions, work towards providing authorities, professionals and private individuals with multimodal solutions for greener travel.
To reward the best initiatives undertaken in 2013, 10 prizes will be awarded at the French National Assembly on 10 December 2013, including one from MobiviaGroupe, under the Patronage of President Claude Bartolone: 3 Eco Actions Trophies to elect the most exemplary local sustainable actions, followed by 7 prizes by category.
A local ceremony will also take place in each region having received a prize
Information and registration at: