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Buzzcar buys CityzenCar: with Buzzcar, car sharing is now an option in over 2,000 towns in France

26 June 2013

Buzzcar, the private car sharing service, has announced its purchase of CityzenCar. With this agreement, both companies are uniting their assets to strengthen Buzzcar’s position in the emerging market of car sharing between individuals; it now has a fleet of more than 7,000 cars available for hire to over 50,000 members in France.

Founded in 2011 by Robin Chase and MobiviaGroupe, Buzzcar enables drivers to contact car owners via a Web platform or mobile application. When a driver needs a car only on occasion, say for an hour or a day, buzzcar_citizencar_achete_autopartagethey can hire one from a Buzzcar member.

For ArianePhélizot, Managing Director of Buzzcar, A car costs on average more than €6,000/year and is really used for only 5% of the time. Buzzcar and CityzenCar have shared the same objective since they were created: to improve the ways cars are used by providing better use of the existing fleet. Both economically and ecologically, car sharing benefits everyone. This merging together enables us to pool our resources and puts us in an ideal position to respond to the demand that is increasing rapidly and where the potential is enormous.”

Nicolas Le Douarec, co-founder of CityzenCar, also adds that he is “confident that Buzzcar will be able to satisfy the needs of the members in our network. The Buzzcar platform, its website and mobile apps are very advanced. All together, they make up the best offer available in organising car hire between individuals. We believe that this merging together enables us to provide the best possible service for our members, without changing our foundations and values.”

In practice: It’s all very simple. As from today, the Buzzcar.com website will process all new requests for car hire. The ex-CityzenCar members can connect to their new Buzzcar account using the same identifier and password they have always used. The Cityzencar.com website will not be processing any further hire requests, but existing hire requests will of course be honoured.