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Now a specialist in the bicycle-sharing industry, Smoove is a family-run start-up created in 2008 in Montpellier by three cycling enthusiast brothers. Thanks to a simple, secure and efficient bicycle-sharing solution using Smoove Box technology, this service is today present in 22 cities worldwide, from France to the USA (including Avignon, Grenoble, Moscow, Bangkok and Chicago…).



  • A simple and sustainable mobility solution: Thanks to Smoove Box technology, an intuitive communication solution for end users and principally solar powered, sustainable and passive equipment which requires minimal engineering in terms of its installation.
  • Continuous development: Due to its strong innovative capacity, Smoove regularly offers new services and applications which are tailored to its customers’ requirements, such as the launching of electric bicycle-sharing fleets, the ongoing development of its IT platforms and facilitated integration into Smart Cities…
  • Internal design, production and fleet installation. Thanks to its extensive international experience, Smoove is also currently backed by a solid network of distributors, fitters and operators from different countries.


  • 715 installed bicycle stations
  • Bicycle-sharing system with 8,800 bikes and 13,000 long-term bicycle rentals
  • Present in 22 cities, distributed throughout 11 countries worldwide