The business activities

Mobivia Groupe pulls together and unites complementary businesses, which are acknowledged for their expertise, with the same sustainable outlook on mobility. Currently, the group has 12 brands across 6 sectors of activity from cars to mobility.

The auto centres

The auto centres feature a car servicing workshop combined with a self-service store selling products dedicated to vehicle servicing, spare parts and maintenance.

Quick neighbourhood services

These centres dedicated to car maintenance, without having to book an appointment, offer motorists lots of flexibility by providing car servicing without taking the car off the road for too long. This concept is particularly appreciated in densely populated locations.

The low-price outlets

These stores offer motorists car maintenance products and car parts at low prices (tyres, spare parts, accessories, miscellaneous consumable products for cars), as well as a workshop area for carrying out simple car servicing tasks: tyre change, oil change, etc.

Business to business

The sale of parts, accessories and car services associated with professionals in the automotive sector; in its widest sense: car maintenance businesses, distributors and superstores, stockists, service stations and other car servicing specialists.

Online sales

With its online services, the brands of Mobivia Groupe are committed to increasing the availability of car maintenance and parts.

New forms of mobility: Via-ID

Mobivia Groupe is fully committed to the new mobilities sector with Via-ID, its business development fund that supports young innovative businesses offering mobility solutions for everyone and which are alternative or complementary to conventional vehicles.