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Altermove, the store devoted to urban and suburban travel, opens in Marquette-Lez-Lille and sets up its head office in the same location

11 September 2012

Altermove, the first store fully dedicated to urban and suburban travel, has chosen Marquette-Lez-Lille as the location for its head office and the site of its second store in the region, after Lille.
Since its creation in 2010, Altermove has been offering an entire range of products and services dedicated to urban mobility; it accordingly offers solutions for getting around the city in a simpler, cleaner and more economical way.

altermove_marquette_lille_lyonFor Olivier Lourdel, the General Manager: “We chose the Lille agglomeration as the place to launch Altermove because of its enterprising spirit in the domain of cleaner and more economical travel solutions. Our facilities at Marquette-Lez-Lille, the second site in the region, symbolises the suitability of this choice. On the back of our 3 years’ experience in the domain, we have fine-tuned our offer so that we can provide better assistance to the sustainable travel needs not only of individuals but also of businesses, thanks to the launch of Altermove Pro last year

The innovation park in Marquette-Lez-Lille was already home to Kbane, the brand dedicated to sustainable housing. The meeting of these two brands, dedicated to sustainable consumption in their respective sectors, marks the creation of a new opportunity for those consumers who care about sustainability: a single location where equipment and advice is easily available. ”


An experiential day for discovering Altermove
and new forms of mobility

On Saturday 15 September, Altermove is organising a day dedicated to the discovery of new forms of mobility in its Marquette site. The programme includes:

  • Speakers who will share their enthusiasm for two-wheelers with customers: recumbent bike user, account of a trip around the world on an electric bike, etc.
  • Tesla, a partner of Altermove will lead a workshop on the subject of electric mobility and will offer customers an opportunity to test their driving abilities on different vehicles
  • Street bike demonstrations
  • The presence of associations (Automobile Club, etc.)


A broad range of products and services
for everybody and every need

This includes quadricycles, electric cars, electrically-assisted bicycles and tricycles: whether you are looking for an alternative or complementary transport mode, or for a practical and amusing accessory, Altermove is the address to go to.

Among the products on offer, you will find:

  • Trendy and practical city two-wheelers. In the firm belief that the use of several modes of transport in the city is a growing reality, Altermove is striving to offer solutions to complement car and public transport. Consequently, the brand has many bicycles (city, hybrid, folding or even electrically-assisted), mopeds (fuel-powered and electric), beach cruisers, fixies, single-speeds, mopeds, family and goods transportation tricycles, etc.
  • A world dedicated to the electric car for everyone: Marquette’s strength. The electric car fulfils most travel needs. With an average range of 150 km and an energy cost of €1.50 per 100 km, it is the ultimate alternative transport solution to the traditional car.


Altermove, located at the innovation park, is open from Monday to Saturday, 10 am – 7 pm.
You can contact the store on +33 (3) 66 72 98 84