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2011 Global Conference

3 October 2011

Ask your questions on ecomobility during the Global Conference !

As announced, Mobivia Groupe is renewing its partnership with the Ateliers de la Terre (Planet Workshops) this year by supporting the Global Conference that is taking place from 25 to 27 September in Evian. This is an opportunity for the group to reassert its commitment to developing cleaner and safer mobility solutions, particularly using New Technologies.

Mobivia Groupe will participate in a round table forum on the following subject: “More than advances in technology, a real culture of mobility is required?” Significant progress has been made in the area of transportation to make mobility safer, cleaner and more interconnected. But these advances will only last if there is a corresponding change in our transportation habits. How can we change our behaviour? How can we make responsible mobility solutions available to the widest possible audience? What can we do to support the creation of a sustainable ecosystem in the area of mobility?

Bernard Emsellem, Ecomobility Executive Vice-President, SNCF,Fernando Lozadaislas, Professor of Transport Engineering and Urban Mobility, Independent University of Ciudad Juarez (Mexico), Mercedes Muñoz Zamora, Director, EGWA, European Greenways Association (Spain), Bénédicte Barbry, Mobivia Groupe’s Director of Communications in charge of Sustainable Development will answer these questions live, on 27 September 2011, at 3.45pm

You can follow the debate live at Mobilité.tv.com using the following link:http://www.planetworkshops.org/fr/p… mobilite.html

After this event, on 28 September at 11.30 am, the “En ligne pour Ta Planète” (Online for Your Planet) website is organising an interactive forum (video and live chat) on the same subject giving you an opportunity to put all your questions directly to Bénédicte Barbry. You can follow or participate in the event or check out the entire interview by clicking on this link:http://www.enlignepourtaplanete.fr/…

The platform allows you to put forward your own questions right now. They will be covered during the forum.